A Yuletide Flame

  • Category: One-Shot
  • Availability: December 2023
  • Released: December 2023
  • Format: US Standard
  • Interiors: Black and White
  • Pages: 52

A festive season set Comic book in the old English tradition of Ghost Stories told on the night before Christmas, with a sweet twist!

"In this heart-warming supernatural tale set on the night before Christmas, an eldritch candle is lit and the dinner table lovingly set for the return of the most dearly departed."

Featuring exclusive pin-ups from: Zack Castro, Tinman Johnson, Issac George, Joshua Regan, Rach_Illo, Spae, Daniel Elliott and Ryan Wilton!

Variant cover by Zack Castro.

With art & story by Hayden Fryer.

Song Lyrics by Tinman Johnson of The Yellow Stripes.

$ 25.00 AU (Inc. Postage within Austraila)

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